Mission and Vision

At GPC, our mission is to lead the field in metrology and calibration services, focusing on the food and beverage sector. We envision being the preferred partner for companies seeking excellence in product quality and operational efficiency.

Main Characteristics and Purpose

GPC stands out as an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, dedicated to providing top-tier calibration and metrology services. Our aim is to enhance the performance and reliability of food and beverage processors through precise calibration, advanced automation, and comprehensive training.

Quality Control

Our quality control services focus on calibration consulting, ensuring adherence to the highest standards and regulations for consistent product excellence.

Calibration Labs

Our state-of-the-art labs offer reliable technical calibration services, making us a trusted partner in the food and beverage industry

Launching Services

We support the introduction of new technologies with our expert calibration and metrology services, ensuring rapid and successful market deployment

Discover how GPC can elevate your food and beverage processing operations with our expert metrology and calibration services.

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