Calibration Services
Ensuring Precision

At GPC, we are specialized in providing precise solutions for your calibration requirements. We ensure that your equipment operates at its peak, meeting stringent compliance standards with unmatched accuracy.

Calibration Services

At GPC Calibration Services, we specialize in a wide array of equipment calibration services, including pressure, temperature, and conductivity calibrations. Our focus is food and beverage industries. 

Targeted Industry Solutions

Customized services for sectors like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and manufacturing, adhering to ISO/IEC 17025 and other relevant standards.

Precision and Compliance

Ensuring your equipment meets rigorous industry-specific regulations and quality benchmarks.

Expertise in Metrology

Our certified technicians deliver calibration solutions that ensure traceability and accuracy.

Calibration for Various Equipment Types

Includes calibration for P, T, pH, Cond, and other essential measuring devices.

Extensive Range of Instruments

Calibration of digital and analog pressure gauges, pressure transducers, and transmitters.

Industry-Specific Expertise

Providing services to food and beverage industry.

Custom Calibration Procedures

Developed for each instrument to ensure maximum accuracy.

Traceable Calibration Certificates

Providing documentation for quality control and compliance purposes.

Rapid Turnaround Time

Ensuring minimal downtime for your operations with efficient service.

Advanced Calibration Methods

Employing state-of-the-art calibration techniques to ensure accuracy in pressure gauges and transducers.

Certified Pressure
Calibration Services

At GPC, we precisely design our pressure calibration services for precision and reliability. We specialize in calibrating a wide range of pressure instruments, ensuring that they meet the highest standards.

Advanced Temperature
Calibration Solutions

GPC Calibration Services crafts advanced temperature calibration solutions to ensure utmost precision and regulatory compliance for your temperature-sensitive instruments. We provide services for various industries, ensuring that your thermometers, and temperature measuring devices meet the highest accuracy standards.

Diverse Equipment Expertise

Specializing in the calibration of thermocouples and infrared thermometers.

Compliance with Industry Standards

Stay ahead with services that meet ISO 17025 and other regulatory requirements.

Custom Calibration Protocols

Tailored to your specific equipment and functional needs.

Precision in Conductivity

Covering calibration of conductivity meters and inline monitoring systems.

Industry-Specific Calibration

Tailored to sectors like water treatment, chemical processing, and pharmaceuticals.

Guaranteed Accuracy and Reliability

Enhancing the precision and lifespan of your conductivity measuring instruments.

Reliable Conductivity
Calibration Solution

Our Conductivity Calibration Services at GPC offer precise solutions for your conductivity measurement needs. Essential for industries where accurate conductivity measurements are critical, we ensure your instruments, such as conductivity meters and sensors, perform with the highest accuracy.

Precision pH
Calibration Services

GPC’s pH Calibration Services are essential for industries where accurate pH measurements are crucial. We calibrate your pH meters and sensors to the highest standards for accuracy and reliability.

Essential for Quality Control

Ideal for water treatment, chemical, and food & beverage industries.

Specialized pH Calibration

Focused on pH electrodes and portable meters, crucial for laboratories and industrial processes.

Adherence to Standards

Calibration aligns with stringent industry regulations and quality standards.

Customized Calibration Strategies

Tailored to your specific equipment and operational requirements.

Metrological Assurance Contract

Under our Metrological Assurance Contract, we offer a systematic solution for maintaining and verifying the precision of your measuring instruments.

• Comprehensive Calibration Coverage:

Calibration, verification, and maintenance of a diverse range of measurement devices.

• Adherence to Standards and Regulations:

Ensuring compliance with various standards and legal requirements.

• Precision and Reliability Guarantee:

Meticulous services to maintain accuracy, reliability, and traceability of your instruments.

Why Choose Our Accredited Calibration Laboratories?

Accreditation Assurance

Compliance with international standards, ensuring reliable and accurate calibrations, alongside maintaining product quality through rigorous testing and evaluation processes.

Enhanced Safety

Our accredited calibration minimizes risks by preventing accidents and equipment failures, ensuring a safer working environment, while also upholding consistent product quality and performance standards.

Cost-Efficiency and Longevity

Our accredited team calibrates regularly, which makes your equipment last longer and reduces repair and replacement expenses, contributing to the consistent quality of your products over time.

Precision and Consistency

Calibration ensures equipment operates correctly, providing consistent and trustworthy results, which is fundamental for maintaining the high quality of products.

Quality and Safety

Regular calibration maintains the quality, safety, and longevity of your equipment, ensuring that products meet stringent quality standards consistently.

Efficient Production

Calibration verifies machinery function, crucial for efficient production and reliable products, ensuring that the quality of the output is consistently high and meets industry standards.

Measurement Standardization

Key to accurate, standardized, and repeatable measurements, essential in any industry, ensuring product quality and consistency across batches.

Client Testimonials

"I want to highlight the exceptional work of the GPC calibration team, who carried out a calibration session at our plant that included around 90 sensors for temperature, pressure, pH, and conductivity. Their professionalism was evident in every step of the process. Working with such committed and competent individuals was a true pleasure. They truly left me with no doubts about their expertise and dedication. I am grateful for their contribution and would recommend them without reservations."
Lala US
Head of Engineering, Colorado Springs, CO
"For distributors, having reliable integrators is vital for the success of client projects. GPC stands out as an integrator that has been instrumental in delivering and developing projects comprehensively. This partnership not only strengthens our client relationships but also facilitates integrations that would otherwise be challenging for us. The expertise and knowledge of GPC's staff guide us through various aspects, including instrument installation, control system program modernization, and SCADA system development. We anticipate continued collaboration with GPC, confident in their ability to further explore and implement automation and digital transformation technologies."
NV Technologies
Master Distributor America, Inductive Automation

The Importance of Regular Equipment Calibration

Regular equipment calibration is crucial to maintain functional dominance. It ensures equipment accuracy and consistency, vital for reliable and standardized measurements. This process not only upholds quality and safety but also enhances equipment longevity, contributing to cost-efficiency. 

GPC offers on-site calibration services, where our skilled technicians can visit your facility to perform calibrations with minimal disruption to your operations. This convenient service ensures that your equipment remains calibrated to industry standards without interrupting your daily processes.

Calibration is important for production, risk reduction, and cost savings in industries. Not just a requirement, but also a strategic approach for long-term benefits.

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