Case Study:
discover how GPC helped
a customer overcome
operational challenges

Confronted with ongoing operational challenges, a leading manufacturer in the sector faced critical performance and efficiency issues at its plant. The primary problem was unreliable data from measuring sensors throughout the facility, resulting in production inefficiencies, heightened downtime, and considerable pressure on the engineering team.

This case study delves into the transformative journey of the manufacturer as it collaborates with GPC, a premier ISO-accredited calibration service provider, to surmount its operational obstacles.

The Challenge

The customer’s plant was plagued by widespread operational challenges, with a significant impact stemming from the inaccuracy and inconsistency of measuring sensors. This problem was multifaceted, affecting various aspects of plant operations, including pressure, temperature, and conductivity measurements. 

The unreliable sensor data led to a cascade of performance issues, unnecessary maintenance activities, and a constant state of firefighting for the engineering team. The lack of a clear starting point for resolving these issues complicated the problem, leaving the team in a continuous loop of reactive measures.

The Outcome

The implementation of the calibration services had a profound impact on the customer’s plant operations. The Engineering Manager, armed with accurate and reliable sensor data, was able to effectively prioritize equipment performance issues. 

This strategic approach enabled the team to move away from constant firefighting and address the root causes of operational challenges efficiently. As a result, the plant saw a notable improvement in operational reliability, reduced downtime, and enhanced productivity.
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