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About Us

GPC, recognized as a leading global calibration company, is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, deeply committed to the highest standards of metrology and calibration. Specializing in calibration of temperature measuring devices, pressure sensors, pH, and conductivity devices. Our comprehensive metrology calibration services focuses heavily on serving the food and beverage industries, calibration of temperature measuring devices and providing extensive metrology calibration services, our emphasis is particularly on catering to the food and beverage sectors. We excel in field engineering, automation, digitalization, and technical services, ensuring that every aspect of our operation adheres to the stringent requirements of metrology and quality assurance.
At GPC, our expertise is not just limited to technical prowess; we are also dedicated to calibration review and training. Our mission is to provide our clients with unparalleled service, supporting top-tier products from renowned companies. This dedication to innovation and quality service is what sets us apart in the industry.This dedication to innovation and quality service is what sets us apart in the industry. As an ACCREDITED LABORATORY ISO 17025 we uphold the highest standards, ensuring our services are not only reliable but also consistently exceed industry expectations. Our commitment to excellence in metrology and calibration is what makes GPC a trusted partner in the food and beverage sector.
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